Monday, June 05, 2006

2004 was fixed, too

Another account of how the 2004 election was manipulated -- stolen -- by the GOP. The latest Rolling Stone has a long article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr about the theft of the 2004 election.

It focuses on Ohio, with its intimidation of black voters, arbitrary decisions by Secretary of State for Ohio Ken Blackwell, a hard-core conservative who had no problem interpreting laws creatively to disenfranchise Democratic voters, highly irregular patterns in rural states where obscure Democratic judicial candidates got MORE votes than John Kerry, precincts in GOP areas with 98% turnout, precincts in Democratic strongholds with 7% turnouts, long lines in Democratic precincts due to a lack of voting machines, adequate machines in GOP neighborhoods...

And a brief discussion of the mathematical unlikelihood of the huge differences between the exit polls and the reported results in a dozen states, including Ohio (probably really won by Kerry), Florida (ditto), Nevada (ditto), and New Mexico (ditto).

Read it and remember it.

It makes me sick.