Monday, October 13, 2008

facts about "acorn"

Lately the McCain campaign has been bleating about something called ACORN, alleging that it is out there stealing votes and registering people in Chicago graveyards as Democrats. And of course, alleging that evil community organizers - hey, wasn't Barack Obama a community organizer? - are behind this.

A good article by Tom Matzzie at HuffPo describes what ACORN really does, and why the Republicans are crying about it - without justification. Matzzie doesn't, however, note that this is another example of dog-whistle racism, since the unspoken word is that these people being registered are all minorities. You know, not real Americans like Sarah I-got-a-free-house-and-tried-to-fire-my-no-good-brother-in-law-and-my-daughter's-knocked-up Palin. Or like John I-got-everything-in-the-Navy-because-my-daddy-and-granddaddy-were-admirals-even-though-I-wrecked-a-bunch-of-planes-and-serially-cheated-on-my-wife McCain.

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