Wednesday, September 10, 2008

lies, outrage, sexism - elections

Lies, lies, lies. Being checked, occasionally.

Palin is energizing women. Or at least the susceptible ones, who are apparently particularly impressed that "On the campaign trail, Palin has read the same remarks at each stop from notes or a teleprompter" and "has answered no questions, except from People magazine." Positively Lincolnesque! Hell, even Reagan took questions and varied his comments a little.

The McCainiacs are crying "sexism" because Obama referred to McCain's commitment to change as "putting lipstick on a pig." Ex-Massachusetts Governor Jane Swift(boat?) is boo-hooing that this must be referring to Palin. Never mind that Obama has used this phrase repeatedly on the campaign trail, and that Rumsfeld's press hack Torie Clarke used it in the title of a no-doubt scintillating book about something to do with spin. Funny, McCain didn't cry sexism when people asked him questions about defeating Hillary Clinton in this way: "How do we beat the bitch?"

GOP and Fox News policy: denigrating Democratic women with words like bitch is OK, they should be thick-skinned enough to take it. But Sarah not so plain and not very tall, thou shall not say anything bad about and will complain even when the Dems are NOT talking about her!



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