Thursday, July 24, 2008

should somebody like this be allowed to drive?

That's the question after the stunning revelation that Bob Novak had hit a pedestrian in Washington, DC.

Should somebody like this be allowed to drive?  No - I'm not referring to right-wingers newspaper columnists.  I doubt there is any evidence demonstrating that they are worse drivers than the population at large.

I mean, 77-year-olds.  That's how old Novak is.  Now, Novak says he didn't even know he'd hit Don Lilkinquist until a cyclist overtook him and told him.  

That's entirely possible.  And there are a couple of possible explanations.  One is that, at 77, Novak doesn't have the vision and reflexes to drive safely any more.  This isn't to single Novak out - it is a valid question for ANY 77-year old.  Or, as a connected Washington insider, it is possible that Novak was driving while talking on the cellphone, a practice that makes drivers as or even more impaired than a drunk driver.

So, let's open the investigation.  Witnesses, was Novak on the phone?  Because DEFINITELY somebody like that should not be allowed to drive.



Blogger Sona said...

I have always thought that people of any age should be required to retest to keep their licenses. Poor vision, poor mental health, poor reflexes are not just the problems of the elderly.

11:36 AM  

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