Friday, July 11, 2008

last gasp opposition

So, despite scientific evidence that strongly supports the proposition that climate change will be deleterious to human health, the de facto Bush Administration won't act. Despite the Supreme Court's ruling that under terms of the Clean Air Act, the federal government is obliged to regulate the emission of greenhouse gasses, the de facto Bush Administration won't act. It's official: the EPA ain't gonna do a thing to regulate these emissions until Obama or McCain is inaugurated next January.

This is hardly suprising. The Bushies (and the behind-the-scene masters on energy policy issues, Dick Cheney and his office) have been shortsightedly skeptical about climate change all along. An Administration that refuses to even recognize Congress' right to call its officials before them to ask questions clearly has no problems refusing to recognize that it has any obligation to obey duly passed laws of the country, not even when reinforced by clear-cut Supreme Court rulings.

The refusal of the White House and OMB to open emails from EPA officials is sadly comical; the fact that this footdragging has cost us - the people of planet Earth - eight years of delay in trying to act to mitigate the worst effects of climate change is frighteningly tragic.

Bush's shredding of the Constitution and introduction of torture as an instrument of national policy are impeachable offenses. But his acting to prevent action on climate
change is truly a crime against humanity.



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