Saturday, July 12, 2008

welcoming big brother

I remember the old movies where devices that could tell others exactly where you are at all times were considered bad things. But people nowadays love these cool new devices that can let your friends know where you are - even if you told your one friend you would be studying at the library when in fact you had a better offer and were actually at a movie in the next country.

And it even creates PERMANENT records of where you were at any given time, all through your nifty new iPhone. Now sure, if you lead a completely blameless life that's fine. But do you really want it known that on those Sunday afternoons when you told your significant other that you were volunteering at the homeless shelter, you were actually across town at a high-stakes poker game? Or worse yet, showing that you were at the home of your "special" friend, or a bar, or a Narcotics Anonymous meeting site?

Plus, honestly I really mean it when I say that I do NOT want to make it easier for advertisers to "target" me.

Big Brother is here, and we LIKE it.

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