Sunday, June 22, 2008

take it off! take it all off!

Actually, don't bother taking it off - at Washington National Airport* soon they will install scanners that will let them see it all. I mean, all. Got breast implants? They'll see it. A colostomy bag? They'll see it. An embarrassingly little ...

Well you get the idea. These millimeter wave scanners coming to the DC area and airports around the country leave nothing to the imagination. Unlike the movie Running Man (above) though, it won't be your skeleton they'll see but your flesh...

And for what? Sure, they say it's for our safety. But if they want to go to this extreme, why not just strip us all at the airport, force us to check our clothes and shoes, put on those papery gowns hospitals issue, and make us fly the very unfriendly skies like that? That would make us all safe unless a team of kung fu terrorist experts get on the plane and karate chop it into the Sears Tower in which case the next step will be to strap everybody into the seat, immobilized, for the entire flight, hooked up to intravenous tubes to keep us hydrated.

Talk about over-reacting.
*official name Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport thanks to a bunch of Reagan-worshipping jerks in Congress who are all about keeping Congress out of the business of local government except when it comes to forcing Washington DC area local governments to adopt THEIR preferred name for this airport. Hey, can't the Democrats change this back now? It was already named after a great President, why besmirch old GW's memory by linking it with Reagan's?

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