Monday, June 16, 2008

"pro-life" drugstore comes to suburban washington

A Jesusier-than-thou pharmacist name of Robert Semler is opening a so-called "pro-life" pharmacy in Chantilly, Virginia. That is in the sprawling suburbs of Washington DC.

A "pro-life" pharmacy means, no condoms, no birth control pills, no morning-after pills, none of that. (But you can still get your wood-in-a-bottle I mean Viagra. After all, Viagra PROMOTES pregnancies.)

Apparently, there are only a few of these preachy drugstores around the country. So far. But they are raising concerns. One is that if these places become prevalent in rural areas with few nearby alternatives (the Chantilly pharmacy is in the same shopping mall as a K-mart with its own pharmacy), women will find it harder to buy legal birth control products. Which of course will increase demand for abortion but the god-boy pharmacists don't let that logic get in the way of their professional preaching.

My bigger concern is, if such "pro-life" pharmacies become more widely acceptable, will people then begin to protest at regular drugstores, forcing them to remove condoms and contraceptives, and make those things harder to get for all of us? Will pharmacies become the new abortion clinics, with angry holier-than-thou preachy busybodies outside picketing and calling anybody who gives that store their business - even just to get some potato chips or cold medicine or something to remove a wart - complicit in "murder" for shopping at a "pro-abortion" store?

You know, the usual calm, reasoned pro-life tactic.

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