Sunday, June 22, 2008

barack obama, good for business

It's always interesting to see what kind of organization benefits from the nomination or election of a presidential candidate. For example, Big Oil was obviously boosted when de facto president George Bush and de facto king Dick Cheney were selected to be president back in 2000. And McDonalds did very well by Bill Clinton.

And there are a group of organizations who are seeing a rapid increase in hits at their websites since Barack Obama became the presumptive Democratic nominee earlier this month.

They are hate groups. White supremacists. Klansmen. Neo-Nazis. David Duke. The "Michigan militia" types.

It's sick but true that websites for groups like White Revolution and Stormfront have seen a surge in interest - and increased enrollments - from racists who see in the nomination of Obama some sort of plot to bring an end to "white America" and impose "multiculturalism" on us all.

Ooh scary.

But the sort of crap these people come up with IS scary. It's scary to me that people with such irrational, hate-filled attitudes exist.

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