Monday, June 16, 2008

mr. hurt went to washington

I think it is often admirable when somebody learns of an outrage and, filled with a suitable sense of commitment and self-confidence, dares to go forth to Washington and attack the establishment and change things for the better.

Then there is Robert Hurt, who went to Washington and became outraged to learn that in our nation's capitals, you can see boobs on public display.

Not topless flesh-and-blood women. Hurt is exercised over the breasts of fake women. You know, like on classical fountains in Dupont Circle. Or in the Supreme Court or the Department of Justice, where the bare-breasted Greek depiction of Justice holds forth. Or museums like the National Gallery, where paintings by decadent perverted European artists hang in public view, funded by the American taxpayer.

Hurt, who when not videotaping marble gazongas works as a rancher who no doubt averts his eyes when his animals are mating, is trying to get the Texas Republican Party to add the burning issue of "artistic indecency in the nation's capital" to the party platform. He didn't succeed, but I'm sure as long as one giant-sized stone-cold nipple is on display within the District of Columbia (herself also often depicted partially disrobed in classical art), Robert Hurt will not rest.

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