Saturday, May 03, 2008

keep on talking, w

So the Post says de facto President George W. Bush is acting on "principle" in this, his (probable) last year in office. As an example, the Post cites Bush's absurd energy "plan" based on drilling for oil in the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve, even though Bush knows the plan is surely DOA.

I hope Bush revives some more of his most excellent ideas, like privatizing Social Security (hey, just IMAGINE if Bear Stearns had YOUR private Social Security account!), digging up the corpse of Terri Schiavo against her husband's will to see whether or not she is brain-dead or not, and maybe invading India, Costa Rica, and Bhutan on suspicions of having weapons of mass destruction.

Personally, I hope Bush opens his mouth as often as possible between now and election day. The more he says, the worse Republicans in generally and John Me-Too McCain look.

George W. Bush - John McCain's Reverend Wright.



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