Friday, April 25, 2008

doug feith, true republican

Doug Feith, the dumbest fucking man on the planet whose electrons aren't all connected, has been talking about Iraq. Specifically, about his role in the runup to war and how he was right and everybody else was wrong.

It's ironic, how the Republicans so frequently try to claim Harry Truman and his legacy for themselves. Because Truman famously said "the buck stops here." But Feith's latest book blaming everybody from Colin Powell to the guy who shines shoes in the basement of the Pentagon for the mistakes that constitute our Iraq policy exemplifies the TRUE Republican attitude: "the buck stops somewhere but for sure not with ME."

In his willful disregard for facts that contravene his ideological desires, Feith is a true Republican. In his willingness to change the arguments years later (e.g., saying it wasn't all about WMD), Feith is a true Republican. In his refusal to accept the smallest measure of blame, Feith is a true Republican. In his assumption that anyway, nobody will hold him accountable for his colossal stupidity, Feith is a true Republican.

Doug Feith, Republican.