Monday, April 28, 2008

(no) voting rights

I see the Supreme Court voted 6-3 against a challenge to the Indiana law requiring voters to show photo ID before voting.

This law was allegedly designed to battle voter fraud.  Of which there is documented proof of perhaps dozens of individuals voting where/when they should not.  Dozens NATION-WIDE, that is.  It is a "problem" that comes in below the statistical margin of error on the margin of error in counting the votes.

No, this law is designed to do one thing:  deter the poor, the elderly, and minorities from voting.  The sort of people who may not have drivers licenses.  

The sort of people who have the annoying habit of voting Democratic.

So the GOP-dominated Supreme Court has validated the GOP program - which is not limited to Indiana - of making it hard for these people to vote.

Maybe they would like to bring back literacy tests and poll taxes.

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