Wednesday, April 30, 2008

mccain's "me too" health plan

So John McCain has come out with a health plan.  It is a bold plan.   "Bold" because it is pretty much exactly like what de facto President George W. Bush proposed a year ago, and to continue to say "me too" to whatever Mr 69% Disapproval Rating says is very bold.

Anyhoo, McCain's thing is the usual kneejerk Republican idea of letting the free market be free to solve everything if you just cut taxes.  Never mind that the US medical sector currently is a free market that somehow has failed to function perfectly, to put it charitably.

McCain also criticized plans that Obaman and Clinton have made.  McCain says their plans were full of "inefficiency, irrationality and uncontrolled costs."

Unlike the CURRENT health care system, which fails to deliver health care to huge segments of the population and fails to reward prevention (those are the "inefficiency" bits).  Which is based on a system where insurance companies make their money by refusing to pay for things and by refusing to authorize treatments and by basically not taking prevention into account ("irrational").  Which has for decades seen costs rise well ahead of the pace of inflation ("uncontrolled costs").

Assuming the Reverand Wright can be persuaded to keep his trap shut, medical costs should be another big issue for the Democrats in November... especially with such inadequate proposals coming from the mouth of the alleged maverick McCain.



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