Saturday, April 12, 2008

trust us

The de facto Bush Administration is getting ready to fire up a new spy program. This one is targeted on the United States. According to DHS Secretary Chertoff, this satellite system will at first just do good things like look at damage from hurricanes and monitoring climate change (hey, they admit there is climate change!).

But will it be used for law enforcement? Chertoff says yes, eventually. THAT'S the real issue.

Democrats in Congress want to know what the legal basis for this program is. The Bush Administration of course feels no compunction to demonstrate anything about this program. They just say, "trust us."

But of course, as California Democrat Jane Harmon says, this Administration has demonstrated NO basis for anybody to take ANYTHING they say on "trust." If Bush came out tomorrow and said the sun would rise in the east and set in the west, I would still turn to a scientist for proof.

And speaking of trust, now the Administration wants us to trust them that the #1 threat to Iraq now is Iran, not Al Qaeda.

Of course, Al Qaeda was NEVER the top threat in Iraq. The number of foreign insurgents there was always tiny compared to the tens of thousands (if not more) of Iraqi insurgents.

I have no doubt Iran is helping arm (Shi'ite) insurgents in Iraq. Hell, I warned against that five years ago, before we got ourselves into this fine mess. But they aren't so much the top threat as they are opportunistically taking advantage of Iraq's divided ethnic and religious groups. The divisions between these groups, of course, exacerbated by our divisive occupation of Iraq...

Are the chickenhawks in the Bush/Cheney regime still hoping to garner support for a war against Iran?

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