Saturday, April 05, 2008

the REAL scandal about the clintons' fortunes

I see that Bill and Hillary Clinton have earned $109 million (total) since leaving the White House eight years ago. That's pretty good scratch, though at an annual rate of less than $7 million per person per year, it looks like chicken feed compared to what baseball players, rock stars, or ESPECIALLY corporate executives who run their business empires (that's you, Bear Stearns CEO James Cayne, although you are hardly alone) into the ground.

The REAL scandal from a Republican perspective? They apparently also paid $33 million in taxes. That's a 30% rate (Federal, not including state). They also gave away $10 million to charity.

We all know no real Republican would EVER cough up 30% of $109 million to Uncle Sam. They'd definitely find a way to hide income, make up phony losses, buy citizenship in Belize, etc. Paying your fair share in taxes? As Leona Helmsley once charmingly put it, that's for the little people. And the Clintons, apparently.



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