Thursday, April 03, 2008

mccain's veep...

Commenting about how he has begun the process of selecting a VP candidate to join him on the GOP ticket in November, John McCain told Don Imus (hey, who let him back on the air?) "I am aware of the enhanced importance of this issue given my age."

McCain laughed as he said it, but this is a deadly serious issue. McCain will be 72 in January 2009. He would be 76 on inauguration day 2013, should he win this November. That would make him 80 by the time a second term ended.

And McCain is not in the best of health. Six years of imprisonment in the Hanoi Hilton, including beatings and other types of torture, haven't helped either.

So remember - when voting in November, a vote for McCain is very likely a vote for his VICE PRESIDENT to be President at some point in the following eight years, de facto or de jure. If McCain picks some rabid rightwinger or some flat-earth creationist type (in other words, a typical Republican), keep that in mind...



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