Wednesday, April 02, 2008

59% of DOCTORS want single payer system

Yes, even American DOCTORS support a single-payer national healthcare system. In a survey, over half (59%) US doctors support this, up significantly from as recently as 2002. Only 32% oppose.

As Dr. Ronald Ackerman, who helped conduct the survey, said, "As doctors, we find that our patients suffer because of increasing deductibles, co-payments, and restrictions on patient care. More and more, physicians are turning to national health insurance as a solution to this problem."

Patients support it. Doctors support it. It would save us all money. It would give us better medical care - and better health. Only the insurance companies oppose it... the people who make money by trying their best not to pay for medical care, forcing doctors and hospitals to spend money proving that the medical procedures were really necessary. Not the best model for how to run a health care system.



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