Wednesday, March 26, 2008

a mistake? i doubt it

Clinton calls her oft-told Bosnia sniper fire story a "mistake"? Pardon me for being skeptical about that. I would imagine it is pretty difficult to misremember a routine airport greeting ceremony with some sniper-dodging hunched-over run for the nearest shelter.

Really, Clinton's description (repeated several times not just once) of her brave exploits in Tuzla is one of two things. It is either a fib - a gross exaggeration if you want to be polite, or a lie if you don't.

Or it is a sign that her memory is slipping, she's imaging things, and maybe she isn't quite ready to be president after all.

Either way, it's pretty embarrasing especially if you seach on YouTube for that video of her landing in Tuzla and her speeches describing in some detail how the arrival ceremony was supposedly cancelled.

And even if it WAS accurate, how is landing at a dangerous airport a qualification for being President? She was FIRST LADY folks. Do you think Laura Bush is remotely qualified to be President based on that? Or Nancy Reagan? Landing at a dangerous airport and being married to the President is not of itself a qualification. Sorry.



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