Friday, April 18, 2008

celebrating buzz nutter

Let me admit something - I had never heard of Buzz Nutter before reading his obituary today. Yes, I knew about the Baltimore Colts of course, and Johnny Unitas and the Greatest Game Ever Played. And I realize the Colts would have had a center for that game.

And that center was Buzz Nutter.

In reading the obit, it sounds like Nutter had a pretty good run. Played pro football for about 12 years - and it sounds like he was a good center, always important for an offensive line. Then he ran a beverage distribution business for 40 years before dying of a heart ailment aged 77.

Not a bad life.

And that name. "Buzz Nutter." It is a name too good to be true. A name for a blue-collar hero, maybe in a space setting. A good name for a 1950s-era pro football player.

So long, Buzz Nutter.



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