Sunday, March 09, 2008

what right wingers really want

Right wing warrior/whacko Brent Bozell has written a piece about how John McCain is just not red-meat enough for real conservatives. I'm surprised Bozell didn't say McCain seemed "French" to him.

Anyway, after many words praising himself, Reagan, and other true heroes of American conservatism, Bozell starts making suggestions for how McCain can "prove" his conservative credentials.

It is, of course, a crock of shit.

First, Bozell says McCain needs to come up with "a strategy to defeat the threat of radical Islam." One suggestion? Quit killing Muslims. Just a thought.

Bozell THEN goes on to tell McCain he should commit to rebuilding our military infrastructure, "so devastated by the George W Bush administration."

Oh wait, he said devastated by the CLINTON administration. Funny, I missed how eight years of husbanding our military resources and not running off half-cocked to invade Middle Eastern countries on trumped up charges had ruined our military. In fact, it was a military well cared for by Clinton that was in place to respond to Afghanistan after 9/11. It was a military prepared to fight two wars if necessary, the late-20th century US standard. Sure, McCain and Obama or (Hillary) Clinton should want to help repair the military. But it is to repair BUSH'S damage.

Bozell says McCain "should secure our borders by a date certain." Funny, I didn't realize we were under threat. Oh wait, he means from immigrants.

Bozell helpfully suggests that, "If McCain believes in freedom, he should promise to take the yoke off the American taxpayer. He has embraced making the Bush tax cuts permanent. Good. Now he should pledge to end the estate tax and lower the corporate tax rate to 25 percent. In fact, he should call for an overhaul of the tax system. The flat tax or the fair tax -- either is preferable to the monstrosity that is the Internal Revenue Service."

A good move by Bozell since such a move would help secure the Republican base by giving it huge financial benefits. I refer, of course, to the RICH among us. Regular joes, the kind of people who have second jobs to pay the mortgage and think Mike Huckabee's a good guy will continue to suffer under the Bush tax cuts (made temporary because of Republican cowardice) if extended, and would suffer under either the flat tax or Huckabee's absurd 38% "fair tax" - which of course, ain't fair since the greater the share of your income you spend, the greater the tax burden you face.

Bozell says McCain should "place the left on notice" that he wouldn't tolerate "congressional obstructionism of his nominations to the federal judiciary." Two points here. First, how does Bozell suggest McCain do this? Shoot Congressmen? And of course, this is quite rich since the Republicans in Congress obstructed FAR more of Bill Clinton's nominations to the judiciary. But that's OK, because radical right wingers like Bozell and Scalia and Cheney only want to obey the law to restrict liberals and other enemies of their cause. If you are on the Right, you are therefore right, and don't let laws and constitutions get in the way of doing God's/Reagan's will. At least, YOUR conveniently self-serving interpretation of the same.

There was one thing Bozell did NOT call for that will soon become an issue where McCain will face a great deal of pressure, and an issue we should all pay attention to.

Bozell did not tell McCain to name a right winger as his vice presidential candidate. And that is uniquely important this time around. Although I still believe Obama or Clinton will win in the fall, it isn't guaranteed. And if Billary continue to take the low road, it is possible McCain could sneak in, despite Iraq, the economy, the climate, and the rest of the sorry legacy that de facto President George W. Bush will leave behind.

McCain will be 72 on inauguration day in January 2009. He will be 76 in January 2013. He doesn't look all that hale and hearty. You have to consider the prospect of his age becoming a campaign issue in the fall. You have to consider the prospect that if elected McCain would not complete a first term, and would not stand for reelection if he did.

Sure, this is a possibility for ALL presidents. But the odds of medical issues pushing a president into retirement are much higher for a 72-year-old than a 61-year old or a 47-year old...

So - keep an eye open for the GOP VP race. Any candidate Bozell would approve of would be a bad president or vice president for America. And I hope, a bad candidate for the Republicans.



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