Sunday, March 02, 2008

hush - the theme song to the bush regime

Are you just utterly shocked that de facto President George W. Bush the Dishonest doesn't want to reveal who is contributing to his Presidential (sic) Library, that will soon stain the campus of Southern Methodist University?

Of course you aren't. This is the non-disclosure administration. They don't reveal any details on who was involved in Cheney's energy group. They don't reveal White House emails - technically "lost" but the dates they are missing for, such as the week that the Valerie Plame scandal hit, are entirely too convenient to be truly technical glitches. They don't admit that the Great US Attorney Massacre was part of their ploy to politicize the Department of Justice by using its powers to prosecute political enemies, better known as "Democrats who stand a chance of beating a Republican in a key election." They don't admit to mistakes - I still laugh at Frances Townsend's characterization of something, I think the capture of Bin Laden, as "a success that hasn't happened yet." They don't reveal who is on the payroll in the Office of the Vice President. They don't even admit that the Vice President's office is part of the Executive Branch. These guys make Nixon look like the very epitome of open government and sunshine.

So why should they reveal the donors? After all, this is one of the last chances people will have to bribe George W. Bush and his de facto Administration. Nobody has held them to account yet, and face it the chance of being held to account grow scarcer every day.

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