Thursday, March 06, 2008

the perfect image for the campaign

Yesterday the Democratic candidate - whichever Senator it is - was given the perfect image to campaign on in the election.

George W. Bush has endorsed John McCain. At the Bush White House.

Whenever McCain starts going on about being independent, remind everybody he is a Republican, like de facto President Bush. When McCain makes claims to being a maverick, remind everybody he is second to nobody in supporting the war in Iraq, and in actually thinking it can be won, even if it takes a hundred years. If McCain says he represents "change," use the quote from Bush's adviser Barry Jackson that Bush "is more than comfortable turning over the house keys to Senator McCain."

When people say that McCain ran against Bush in 2000, remind everybody that McCain enthusiastically campaigned for Bush in 2004. When McCain talks about cleaning up politics, remind them of his close relations with lobbyists now (including lobbyists working for his campaign for "free") AND remind them he was a member of the Keating Five.

Sure, all this will make the people happy with the Republicans like McCain that much more. So what, they won't vote for Obama or Clinton anybody. But pound it into the minds of the independent voters that McCain IS a Republican. A BUSH Republican.



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