Monday, March 03, 2008

don't jump!

Really, don't jump! San Francisco is considering taking steps to make it hard to leap off the bridge to your death - at least, to the death for 98% of the jumpers.

The key reasons it seems to me is (1) it's just creepy to have 30 or so people a year killing themselves by jumping off your famous iconic bridge and (2) studies show that many people who consider suicide and are deterred - say, by a fence - usually reconsider. They don't get a gun and blow their brains out if they can't jump from the Golden Gate Bridge - they go home.

I'm all for people deciding to pull the plug when sick beyond recovery and in terrible pain. But I agree, it's best to try the temporarily suicidal NOT to act on their impulses. If that means a fence on the bridge, is that so bad?



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