Sunday, March 16, 2008

w, not worrying, being happy

This was a tough week for the GOP - losing Hastert's seat, failing to field a challenger for the Democratic held Senate seat in Arkansas, the economy lurching further into dangerous territory on their watch. All signs point to a Republican rout in Congressional elections later this year.

Yet somehow, de facto President George W. Bush seems very happy. In an unusual column (unusual because for once it seems to make sense), Maureen Dowd notes Bush's happy-happy joy-joy speech in New York on Friday - even as the Fed was bailing out Bear Stearns. As Dowd said in response to Bush's analogy about driving a car through a rough patch - Dude, you’re already in the ditch.

Why so happy? I think it's because, deep down, George W. Bush isn't a team player. Sure, things look bad for the Republicans - oh, and for America too. But he doesn't care. He's had his fun, he gets to retire in a few months to a leisurely life of golf and paid speeches. Everything that's happening now? Somebody else's problem.



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