Friday, January 04, 2008

more republicans, more scandal

The muckrakers at Talking Points Memo have done a nice compilation of members of the de facto Bush Administration that have been tainted by scandal. It's quite long.

And it's just Republicans in the Administration. It doesn't even touch on GOP guys in the Congress or in the Alabama governor's office, etc.

You'll have to go to TPM to read the whole thing, but just for kicks, here are the names. Read them, imagine what they may have done, and read the TPM article for the full scoop.

Eric G. Andell; Claude Allen; Lester Crawford; Brian Doyle; Steven Griles; John Korsmo; Scooter Libby; David Safavian; Robert Stein; Roger Stillwell; Philip Cooney; George Deutsch; Michael Elston; Kyle Dustin “Dusty” Foggo; Alberto Gonzales; Monica Goodling; Michelle Larson Korsmo; Howard "Cookie" Krongard; Julie Macdonald; Paul McNulty; Richard Perle; Susan Ralston; Janet Rehnquist (yes, she IS the daughter of William Rehnquist); James Roche; Kyle Sampson; Joseph Schmitz ; Bradley Schlozman; Thomas Scully; David Smith: John Tanner; Sara Taylor; Ken Tomlinson; Carl Truscott; Paul Wolfowitz; Stuart Bowen; Lurita Doan; Alfonso Jackson.

This is your Republican Party. Don't be surprised.


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