Tuesday, December 25, 2007

try out these new words

New words and phrases enter into the English language all the time. Here is a list of the 2007 debutantes, courtesy of the New York Times.

A few of the more interesting ones:

bacn - n. Impersonal e-mail messages that are nearly as annoying as spam but that you have chosen to receive: alerts, newsletters, automated reminders and the like. Popularized at the PodCamp conference in Pittsburgh in August.
Never heard that one but it fits.

e-mail bankruptcy n. What you’re declaring when you choose to delete or ignore a very large number of e-mail messages after falling behind in reading and responding to them. This often includes sending a boilerplate message explaining that old messages will never receive a personal, specific response. Although the Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig is often credited with coining this term, at best he can be said to have popularized it. Its first use was in 2002, two years before Mr. Lessig publicly declared his own e-mail bankruptcy.

I've heard of email bankruptcy. To me it's the sign of a disorganized life.

life-stream v. To make a thorough, continuous digital record of your life in video, sound, pictures and print.

What's the point?

Ninja loan n. No Income, No Job or Assets. A poorly documented loan made to a high-risk borrower.

Based on greed, stupidity, and the confidence that the de facto Bush Administration and the Fed would bail out any investors who get burned on these high-return, high-risk assets...


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