Sunday, October 07, 2007

good riddance

A long article today from the Post about the accelerating pace of aides leaving the de facto Bush White House - Rove, Bartlett, Snow, Sullivan, and the rest of them.

The interesting thing is there is some mostly anonymous sniping among departed aides about the disastrous Bush years, like Rove and Bartlett arguing over whether to go for the throat, or be more conciliatory.

Well, good riddance to all of them. They seem mostly to regret that the Iraq adventure hasn't gone as well as they had hoped - and are quick to blame Rumsfeld, who deserves a lot of it but hey, there is plenty to share.

But none of them seem to regret the torture policy. Or the politicization of terrorism to win re-election. Or the very costly delay against doing anything meaningful on climate change. They'll all go on and write books and get jobs as lobbyists or with universities or big corporations, or with Fox News, fat and happy. And we get to deal with the messes the Bush Administration will leave us, environmentally, constitutionally, militarily, economically, and morally.



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