Saturday, July 14, 2007

executive privilege, yet again

Another White House claim of executive privilege to justify its refusal to give information requested by Congress. The latest concerns the friendly-fire death of Corporal Pat Tillman (the former Arizona Cardinals star) in Afghanistan.

The de facto Administration has turned over 10,000 pages about this death - and about the initial cover-up. You'll recall, at first the Pentagon said Tillman was killed in a fight against the Taliban. It turned out that he was actually killed by fellow American troops, accidentally. That happens, and it's sad. But it's worse when the military lies about it - and even conducted an investigation of the incident and lied then, too.

And now the White House won't turn over documents that Congressmen Henry Waxman (D) and Tom Davis (R)believe "would show communications between senior administration officials and top military officers shortly after Tillman was killed in Afghanistan in 2004."

So what we will end up finding, after these things get leaked, is that Karl Rove, contacted by some senior Pentagon officer upon Tillman's death, agreed to or more likely suggested planting a false story to make it appear that Tillman didn't die in friendly fire.

Surprised? You shouldn't be by now. This Administration would lie and say today was Thursday and that grass is orange if they thought there was a shred of political gain in it.


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