Thursday, April 05, 2007

the new york sun's liberal plot?

On April 4 the New York Sun ran an editorial about how absolutely spiffy a Dick Cheney presidential candidacy in 2008 would be. They think that if the de facto president I mean vice president ran that Bush's approval ratings would rise because somebody on the campaign trail would actually be supporting his policies. And if Cheney won, they see a glorious new day in America thanks to Cheney's conservative wisdom, and that of his wonderful wife Lynne.

There can only be four possible explanations for this editorial. One is that the New York Sun editorial board have drunk a near-lethal dose of the White House/Murdoch koolaid. Check for purple stains on their lips. The second is that they are indulging in recreational pharmaceutical substances -- perhaps they got Bill O'Reilly's doctor to give them unlimited prescriptions for Oxycontin. The third is that they simply missed April Fool's Day.

Or the New York Sun has been infiltrated by liberal activists posing as editorial writers and wrote this to urge Dick to run. Because there could be no possible candidate that Hillary or Barack or John or Chris or Bill or Bill or the rest of the Democratic field would like to run against more than Dick "19% approval" Cheney. The Democrats could nominate the corpse of Lyndon Baines Johnson against Cheney and could probably pull off the victory.


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