Sunday, April 01, 2007

the independent republic of vermont?

Two Vermonters write today about the possibility of renewed independence for that bucolic state. Hmm, wasn't there some unpleasantness about 150 years when some other states that decided to go their own way?

The authors make some points about Vermont's history of independence and threats of secession. They also believe the historical pendulum beginning to swing away from large political agglomerations like the United States towards smaller political units, a trend they say will be pushed by increasing energy and transport costs. They are also keen on town-hall meetings as a way of running a country. And they want to organize Vermont towns to vote on independence by 2012.

Well, good luck with that. Not sure I'd want to live in a Vermont in an energy-scarce future. What will they trade for electricity -- maple syrup and yogurt? And the town-hall structure is quaint and not a bad way to run a village, but I'm not sure a modern, fully independent state can operate in that system, not even in Vermont.



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