Thursday, April 05, 2007

ag fighting for his political life

So poor, misunderstood de facto Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, advocate of torture, courtier to the would-be king, and owner of the most appropriate set of initials of any US attorney general in the history of the kingdom I mean republic, is working to save his ass I mean job. He's just beavering away, preparing for another round of testimony and calling various Republican members of Congress to beg them to please please please be nice to him and not make him give up his cushy job.

How can you tell he's serious now? Alberto even canceled plans for a family vacation -- surely that will impress his boss, de facto President George W. Bush, who wouldn't give up a vacation or even a long weekend for anything short of an alien invasion. And even then he probably would stay on vacation, if the aliens landed in New Orleans or some other Democratic stronghold.



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