Monday, March 19, 2007

so long, broadway

The Washington Nationals are unlikely to win anything this year -- looking to the future. And they have a first baseman (Nick Johnson) who will be available later in the season. So, looking for a temporary firstbaseman, instead of giving a cheap minor-leaguer with a good hitting record *Larry Broadway) a shot to see what he can do, Jim Bowden made the dubious decision to hand a roster spot to Dmitri Young.

So, what's wrong with that?

1) Young is 33, Broadway 26. Young's upside is over.

2) Young will cost more than Broadway.

3) Young, to put it kindly, had major problems in Detroit last year, not just hitting, but in behaving, too.

But Bowden has a back-up if Young doesn't work out. Travis Lee. Now, there's a good choice -- a firstbaseman, soon to be 32, who couldn't hit well enough to hold a job in Tampa Bay even! That is really inexplicable. I mean, at least Young is a former Cincinnati Red so that helps explain Bowden's decision.

Larry Broadway may never be the next Lou Gehrig. But better to give him an inexpensive chance to show what he can do in Johnson's absence than to waste it on an aging head-job like Dmitri Young, or a first baseman that hits like a shortstop, like Travis Lee. If he flops, oh well -- not like the Nationals will make the playoffs this year anyway. And if he succeeds, you have good trade bait when Johnson comes back.


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