Friday, March 16, 2007

diagnosis: krauthammer

Everybody's favorite cranky right-wing medical doctor neocon columnist Charles Krauthammer today writes to complain. He complains that Michelle Cotter, writing in the New Republic, had the gall to attempt a diagnosis of de facto Vice President Dick "shoot first and lie to the press later" Cheney. Krauthammer, who reminds us again of his medical experience as a psychiatrist, notes that Cotter relies on what he considers flimsy evidence -- cussing out Senator Patrick Leahy on the Senate floor, shooting his buddy and waiting 24 hours to tell anybody, and changing his mind about everything after 9/11.

You know, Krauthammer has a bit of a point. Cotter really can't deliver an accurate diagnosis about Cheney's mental state of health at a distance. It's just theories. Fine. Just like Bill Frist wasn't qualified to deliver a diagnosis about Terri Schiavo based on a selectively-edited assortment of video clips.

But you know, psycho- I mean psychiatrist-columnist Krauthammer himself likes to conduct remote diagnoses. Back in May 2004, Al Gore called on Rumsfeld and Tenet to resign, and criticized the conduct of the war in Iraq.

And our buddy Krauthammer, on Fox News with Brit Hume, said that Al Gore was "off his lithium." Lithium, of course, is used to treat heavy mental conditions like bipolar disorder.

And that wasn't even the FIRST time Krauthammer did remote diagnosis. From Spinsanity:

This was not the first time Krauthammer has offered a phony diagnosis of a political antagonist. In 2003, he suggested former Vermont governor Howard Dean was mentally ill based on a quotation the columnist had heavily altered using ellipses. And the year before, Krauthammer also attacked Gore for his criticism of the conservative media, saying, "I'm a psychiatrist. I don't usually practice on camera. But this is the edge of looniness, this idea that there's a vast conspiracy, it sits in a building, it emanates, it has these tentacles, is really at the edge. He could use a little help."

So, allow ME to offer a diagnosis of our friend Charles Krauthammer. He is afflicted with a severe case of hypocrisy, which is only manifested towards Democrats.

Prognosis: It will continue until his death, unless he decides he could make more money attacking Republicans (very unlikely).



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