Wednesday, March 14, 2007

original sin and alberto the incompetent

Just one hint when reading about the plot to fire all 93 US attorneys, later scaled back to 8 because at least one senior aide at Justice had a brain and realized that a mass-firing like that would put the Saturday Night Massacre to shame and maybe draw some bad attention. The hint is that when a Republican complains they these attorneys weren't active enough on "voter fraud" cases, what he REALLY means is that they weren't assisting the GOP sufficiently in it's voter SUPPRESSION campaign. After all, they complained about the lack of followup in Philadelphia and Milwaukee, coincidentally heavily Democratic areas in swing states. In New Mexico I bet the concern was about fraud on the reservations, another area of Democratic strength in a state that goes both Democratic and Republican...

So this latest Republican scandal indirectly harkens back to the original sin of the Bush Administration, the theft of Florida in 2000.

Ruth Marcus in her column notes the sheer incompetence of Attorney-General Alberto "mistakes were made" Gonzales.


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