Friday, November 24, 2006

sarasota and fraud that doesn't involve race horses

Lest you assume that the fact that the Democrats won the House & Senate means there was no GOP chicanery, EJ Dionne reminds us to think again. Estimates are that various voter suppression activities, Diebold "malfunctioning" machines (actually, they work perfectly well...), and mysterious "undercounts" in strongly Democratic areas like Sarasota County in Florida helped shave a couple percentage points off the nationwide Democratic total.

In other words, absent this manipulative bullshit -- I think the technical terms are "fraud" and "theft" -- the Dems would have had an even BIGGER majority in Congress starting in January.

Not to mention that President Al Gore would be halfway through his second term.

Dionne is right on this: "And if anyone still needs evidence that all electronic systems should provide verifiable paper trails so real ballots are available in the event of a recount, let them go to Sarasota."

Of course, we could just SKIP the computer bullshit and use paper ballots, still used in advanced democracies all over the world, which have a built-in paper trail AND are far, far cheaper to use.


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