Saturday, October 28, 2006

cheney clarifies dunking comment

De facto Vice President for Torture and Shooting Old Guys Dick "My Wife Didn't Write a Lesbian Novel" Cheney denies he was referring to waterboarding in that "no brainer" talk radio interview earlier this week. Seems the host referred to "dunking" captives in water. Just "dunking" them.

Doesn't sound like a very effective technique, does it? Maybe the "dunking" happens in scalding hot or freezing cold water. Or maybe they are "dunked" in pesticides to get rid of fleas and lice, quite a humanitarian thing to do.Or maybe the terrorists are told they are being baptized as Christians while being "dunked," in a form of spiritual torture since they would then imagine they will go to hell instead of that special place in heaven where 72 virgins await them.

Or maybe Cheney is full of shit and is just covering his ample ass, shocked to realize that not everybody thinks torture is such a good idea.


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