Saturday, October 28, 2006

virginia, what a race

Just when you thought the Virginia Senate race couldn't get any sleazier, it does. GOP Senator George Allen, the Confederate-flag-worshipping, noose-displaying, N-word-using, macaca-insulting, ashamed-of-mom's- Jewish-background, cowboy-boot-wearing moronic redneck son of a famous football coach, helpfully raised for the public's notice the fact that opponent James Webb had sex scenes in some of his novels about the Vietnman War. (Webb, by the way, was in the military...) Scenes with "explicit incest" or something like that, per Allen's campaign.

Webb fired back, saying the scenes were taken out of context and saying they were nothing like Lynne Cheney's lesbian love scenes in HER 1981 novel, "Sisters." (Read an excerpt, or the whole thing, here.) Lynne Cheney then defended herself, saying (lying, just like her dear husband Dick) that those love scenes weren't explicit and anyway, what about the incest? Webb, to his credit, has not called the Cheney's failures as parents for raising a lesbian daughter, but you have to think if Webb had any gay children, at this point George Allen would also helpfully point that out for our consideration.

I feel like I need a shower.

In a shock, the Ohio Senate race actually appears to be focused on issues like Iraq and the economy, rather than gays, guns and God. Guess DeWine and Brown haven't written any books with a sex scene. Certainly neither of them are accused of making racist cracks.


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