Saturday, September 23, 2006

bin laden dead?

A French newspaper reports that Saudi officials believe Osama Bin Laden died of typhoid last month. You might remember Bin Laden, he was in Afghanistan and his minions pulled off the 9/11 attacks. Once upon a time, de facto President Bush said he was wanted dead or alive. He wasn't in Iraq, he hated the secular nationalist Saddam Hussein and didn't cooperate with him, and he didn't have access to nuclear bombs.

But it would be nice if he were dead, since the US missed a chance a few years ago at Bora Bora, with Bush/Cheney instead sending troops to attack Iraq, which you will recall wasn't involved in 9/11 and also didn't have nukes nor chemical nor biological weapons. Not to mention the fact that despite warnings from President Clinton and others, Bush/Cheney ignored Bin Laden for eight months until it was too late.


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