Saturday, September 23, 2006

false assurances for colorado voters

A Denver judge said the Colorado secretary of state had broken the law by "failing to come up with minimum security standards for the machines." Judge Manzanares also said that the secretary of state's office "had done an 'abysmal' job documenting which tests were performed on the machines and should not have allowed computer manufacturers to vouch for the security of their own products." However, the judge decided to allow Colorado to use the voting machines because there was so little time before the election.

The response of the Colorado secretary of state Gigi Dennis: "I want to assure the voters that the machines are safe, their votes are secure, that they need to feel confident about their vote, and I encourage them to vote in November."

The machines are by the four major voting machine manufacturers, Diebold, Hart, ES&S and Sequoia. Plaintiffs trying to stop their use pointed out how vulnerable they are to tampering.

If I lived in Colorado, Dennis' statements wouldn't inspire much confidence that my vote, and those of other Colorado voters, would be recorded and counted accurately.

But what the hell, it's only an election, how important can it be in a democracy to count the votes right?


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