Sunday, July 23, 2006

politics of climate change

Michael Grunwald writes about how climate change is having its moment in the sun in the political arena. Even de facto President/oilman/scientific illiterate George W. Bush defends his nuclear deal with Russia by noting that we need to reduce our reliance on hydrocarbons. Organizations as disparate as Wal-Mart, BP, and the state of California are working to slash carbon emissions.

It's not too late yet, but we need to get moving on this. This is the single most important issue that faces human civilization today, and Americans being so wealthy have as much or more to lose than anybody. So it would seem appropriate to me that perhaps the Federal government might like to get involved in this in a significant way. If that wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience for Halliburton and Exxon, that is.

Meanwhile, check out the tips from Tim Flannery (the Australian scientist who wrote "The Weathermakers," not the former American baseball player and coach turned country singer) for how you can reduce YOUR carbon emissions.