Wednesday, May 17, 2006

gop lawbreaker, part 37

Republican National Committee regional political director James Tobin faces sentencing for his role in the 2002 election day phone jamming operations against Democrats in New Hampshire. The phone jamming made it hard for Democrat voters wanting a ride to the polls to get through, possibly contributing to Sununu's narrow victory.

Tobin's lawyers don't think he should face jail time. They think Tobin has "high ethical standards" and has suffered enough.

What happened to the law-and-order, throw-the-book-at-them GOP? Nothing. This is their standard relativism. Somebody robs a liquor store or smokes a little dope, they want a life sentence. Somebody fleeces employees of a few billion dollars (Ken Lay and company), heck that's just the risk you take on the free market.

Somebody tries to interfere with the basic operations of a democracy by illegally impeding a political party's get-out-the-vote operation -- heck, that's just politics as usual.

And they kinda have a point. After all, the Republicans got away with fixing the 2000 and 2004 elections.