Thursday, April 20, 2006

that's entertainment

So for some reason I had the TV on this morning when China's President Hu arrived at the White House. I listened to de facto President Bush drone on in his welcome. He pronounced "Darfur" as "Daafaa", "peninsula" as "panenshular" (sounded like he was sounding that one out phonetically, like a third-grader seeing the word for the first time, only less skillfully), and kept on calling Hu's wife "Madam Leeyuu" when her name is something more like "Lao".

Then Hu began his comments. After a little bit of his droning, a loud screeching sound began. I thought somebody was being murdered. But then CNN's cameras swung over to the press area, and focused on a Chinese lady. She was yelling something, first in Chinese and then switching to English, yelling "President Bush, stop him." It must have taken three minutes for security guards to get over there and escort her out. Very embarrassing, but it livened up a dull event. That's entertainment.