Sunday, April 16, 2006

more links between lonely jack abramoff and the white house

Although every Republican in Washington claims never to have met Jack Abramoff, he was of course intricately connected into the GOP power structure before his more-unsavory-than-usual practices came to light. Here the Post shows more links, this time between Lonely Jack and David Safavian, at the time the newly-appointed chief of staff of the General Services Administration, and currently under arrest for corruption. GSA does a lot of management and property work for the federal government. Not glamorous, but lots of opportunities for graft and sweetheart contracts.

And Lonely Jack didn't wait long to contact his good buddy Safavian to see if he could horn in on some action. He asked about getting contracts, he asked about overturning a career government employee who was impeding Lonely Jack on some deal, and (although not in this article) he asked about buying some federal land for a school. And Jack asked that his name not be mentioned in these various connections -- in emails he was sending.

Remember, boys and girls -- if you plan a crime or anything you don't want to come to light, don't email the details around. They will bite you in the butt.