Friday, April 14, 2006

dirty tricks

I know this might surprise you, but there is more evidence of lies and dirty tricks by Republican political hacks. Remember the phone jamming operation they did in New Hampshire in 2002 to paralyze the campaign of the democratic Senate candidate? Well, seems the Republican "consultant" James Tobin who came up with the scam (and who was then Bush/Cheney's New England boss in 2004) made many, many calls to the White Hous (Karl Rove's extension, no doubt)... AND despite pious disclaimers of any knowledge of Tobin's dirty tricks, the GOP is "voluntarily" paying his legal bills, $2.5 million and counting.

Really, this is beneath the Republicans. Why resort to such cheap and underhanded tactics, when you can stick to the tried-and-trued method of jiggering the electronic voting machines -- manufactured by your supporters -- in your favor?