Tuesday, April 18, 2006

what could have been, again

Once again, we can compare and contrast the person who SHOULD be president with the one that is, this time in a Richard Cohen column. Cohen extolls Gore's eloquence and his comfort with science (contrasting to Bush's anti-scientific attitudes), and agrees climate change is a critical issue that isn't being addressed by the de facto Bush/Cheney Big Oil Administration.

Too bad Cohen and others were focused on lies and urban legends about Al Gore back in 2000, instead of on competence and the issues at hand. Even WITH the media's character assassination campaign against Gore, he won the popular vote, nationwide AND (if it had been allowed) in Florida, hence the election. If Cohen and his buddies had covered it fairly, Gore would have won in a landslide that Bush's Supreme Court buddies couldn't reverse...

We would have still been attacked (probably) on 9/11, but we WOULDN'T be in Iraq and we WOULDN'T have the beginnings of a compassionate conservative police state, and we'd at least have a leadership willing to try something to keep climate change from being as bad as it could be, instead of fiddling Nero-style.