Monday, April 24, 2006

schlesinger is losing it

I have the sad duty to report that respected historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr has lost his mind. My proof? In his op-ed piece in the Post today about what Bush might do in the 1000 days that remain in his de facto presidency, Schlesinger let drop the following: "Maybe President Bush, who seems a humane man, might be moved by daily sorrows of death and destruction to forgo solo preventive war and return to cooperation with other countries in the interest of collective security."

A "humane man"???? Remember, this is the guy who as Governor of Texas made fun of Karla Fay Tucker's plea to be spared execution. This is a guy who sticks people with often-cruel nicknames. This guy is the living embodiment of the "let-them-eat-cake" attitude current among a significant chunk of the elite conservative classes in America. This is a guy who has approved state-administered torture.

George W. Bush is many things. But humane isn't one of them.