Tuesday, April 04, 2006

ding dong, delay soon will be gone

Nobody every accused Tom DeLay of being stupid. He saw where the political winds were blowing, and has decided to quit now rather than be defeated in November.

Too bad. I mean, I'm glad to see DeLay out of Congress. But I would have preferred to see him lose in November to add to his humiliation. EVERY Democratic candidate this fall should publish posters of their GOP opponent and Tom DeLay side by side. Better yet, shaking hands if such photos exist. But it would be more effective if DeLay were still in Congress.

Interestingly, under Texas law DeLay has to die, be convicted of a felony, or leave his district to be taken off the ballot. The second is a distinct possibility, and the first has real appeal to a LOT of people, but I guess I assume he'll just legally change his residence from Sugar Land to wherever the heck he lives in the Washington area.

I doubt somehow that DeLay will return to killing bugs for a living. But will a lobbying firm touch him? He'll find some corrupt crony to give him a cushy job that involves little heavy lifting.