Saturday, April 01, 2006

watch what you say in emails, and who you send them to; or, another nail in the coffin of the first amendment

I think this is outrageous -- ABC News suspends the executive producer of the weekend version of "Good Morning America" because of what he said about de facto President George W. Bush, and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright -- in PRIVATE EMAILS. Some "friend" of John Green provided these emails, one to the Drudge Report, the other to the New York Post's gossip column.

Green said unflattering things about Bush or Albright -- but SO WHAT? These were private emails. Surely even ABC News employees retain the right to express private opinions in a private communication? John Green is being screwed and the White House's ongoing anti-media intimidation tactics (surely you don't think this is about the former Cabinet official from the party that is out of power?) have claimed another head, and sent yet ANOTHER warning signal to the Fourth Estate. It's bad enough to publish criticisms or bad news (true or not), or to say the same on the TV or radio -- but now they'll try to even nail people for negative opinions expressed in private. They are eviscerating the first amendment. And we're letting them.