Tuesday, April 04, 2006

jesse jackson's new cause is barry bonds?

Jesse Jackson is complaining now that the police and baseball aren't doing enough to protect that walking bag of flesh, bones, and chemicals commonly known as Barry Bonds. Jackson said that that the fan who threw a syringe near Bonds in San Diego yesterday should have been arrested.

Now, I'm not going to defend people for throwing stuff onto baseball fields. It's dangerous, even if the syringe has no needle (as was true of the San Diego one) and may in fact have been a cooking baster. But baseball won't tolerate things being thrown on the field (the fan got out of there before the cops arrived); Jackson should save his public pronouncements for something more important.

In any case, Bonds has been protected by baseball for years, coddled and tolerated despite his bizarre proportions and unprecedented late-career power surge. Maybe Jackson should address THAT -- Bonds as a piss-poor role model for young men (mostly), doing who knows what long-term damage to his body (not to mention to baseball's reputation) in turn for a short-term benefit.